Liv Unbound Program

How much time, money and energy do you waste daily by pretending you’ve got your sh*t together?
Stop your overthinking, anxiety, addictions and doubt in an online rapid transformation program!

If you feel anxiety, doubt, stress or overwhelm, your Highest Potential is nudging you that it won’t settle for a mediocre life.

Do you know you can Liv in your Full Potential (Presence) by having the right guidance, clearing stuck emotions and trauma, and creating an action plan that inspires you?


Do you ever wonder why you self-sabotage and live in a constant state of struggle?

Here is the secret why the above is frustrating: I’ve worked with men and women like you for a decade. They come to me after years of doing therapy, meditation, attending workshop and seminars, and they still feel stuck and helpless because they can’t seem to get the exact thing they desire most.  That’s because our lives are not to be managed. They are to be lived fully and purposefully!

When you ignore your deep desire to live fulfilled in Your Highest Possibility, it will come as anxiety, stress, feelings of worthlessness, helplessness and regrets after wasted your unique contribution. (visual)

The big question on my clients minds is How can they stop feeling stuck and helpless in life to live their full potential and purpose? Many clients come to me feeling helpless, resigned or full of anger they stuff inside.

I studied Transpersonal psychology, travelled the world as a transformational workshop facilitator, mindfulness instructor, and was obsessed with self-development. After I left my home town to travel, It took me 20 years of trials and failure to discover my own Gateway to the Highest Potential (Presence). Now, I have created my program and want to share my best insights, expertise and empathic guidance with you. I already see you as whole and perfect and unlimited despite your past. But you will end up self-sabotaging if you don’t address your underlying limitations.

With Liv Unbound mentoring, I promise you one thing: You will have a massive shift when you discover for yourself that your uninvestigated mind is creating all the suffering and limitations in your life, not your circumstances! This recognition is a huge step towards living unbound because:

  1. You will lose your anger and resentment towards others.
  2. You will stop feeling powerless over your emotions and can actually start addressing the cause of your pain and limitations.
  3. When you’ll see that events don’t create your suffering, you can stop fearing future “bad” outcomes, and start co-creating your life that you are meant to live here.

When you are able to access your linear mind (left brain) and intuitive mind (right brain) at the same time, this is called being in your FULL POTENTIAL, or Presence. (pic of a brain)

Here's What You're Going to Get in
Liv Unbound Mentoring Program (currently I offer 3 or 6 month package)

  • Weekly mentoring calls (recorded)
  • Clarity on your vision and what exactly your next steps are
  • Clearing emotional blockages, trauma and limitations that keep you bound in toxic cycles
  • Accountability navigator to reorganize your priorities and stay focused and inspired
  • Learn the 3 Step Gateway to Highest Potential to live with purpose.
  • Personal support through WhatsApp in between sessions
  • and much more!

Nobody wants to be stuck and mediocre, but if you don’t have a mentor to learn from, you will be.

If you are ready to stop wasting your precious time in feeling stuck and powerless, message me here and we’ll schedule a free discovery call with you to explore if this program is a good fit for you.


Now, you can begin to clear your past and re-align with your optimal wellbeing or you can continue to feel stuck and insecure about your future. But there is a cost of avoidance:

  • Emotional pain that resurface from deeply buried wounds and traumas leading to drama, suffering and health issues
  • Years wasted in indecision and procrastination, never living from your highest potential
  • Attracting situations and people in your life that reflect your uninvestigated believes
  • Missing out on opportunities and insights that come inadvertently when living in Highest Possibility
  • Never achieving your dreams, ending up losing money, time and relationships

Please take a moment and ask yourself this question:

What problems would you want to solve if we had months of deep coaching and exploration together, plus you had weekly access to me?

What challenges rise to the top of your mind?

You deserve more support, and I’m here to help you in a more personal way.

To find out more about the possibility of having me as a mentor simply message me here to schedule a free exploratory call with me.

Only apply if you are ready for significant change. I’m only interested in working with people who want to go ‘all the way’ with their awakening journey.

The financial investment is not tiny. Do not apply if you are not committed to invest fully in your future. Remember, it’s never about the money. It’s about what you want, what I can help you achieve and what is really worth to you.

Together we can become clear on anything you want and move quickly toward making that happen.

If not now, when?

What are others saying about Liv's mentoring?


I have just returned from traveling 5 months in Central America. I would have never made that leap alone, so wanted to thank you so much for seeing the best in me to make this possible! On my journey, I have met a couple of bloggers who helped me to finally finish my book! I found many synchronicities and opportunities by asking outrageously, and guess what? I decided to go back to my previous job but asked to work 2 days a week and my boss said yes! It will save me so much time and I’m feeling inspired to write more. Your words resonated often with me on my journey and I am very grateful for our time together.

(Jenny Kozlowski, writer, USA)


Liv, you very skillfully helped me find insights into this ‘ongoing’ difficulty that I have with my brother and family. I was surprised to find new aspects of the issue, which I have not previously seen, and the work you did with me on Skype has opened a deeper understanding of the dynamics of my family and how this issue plays out. Because of this renewed clarity, I have felt something lighten and clear internally. During the session, you helped me to sit with the discomfort this thought provoked in my body and I was amazed at how much it changed when we began to turn the problem around and notice what sensations occurred as I began to see my part in family ‘manipulation’. Thank you so much lovely! Your enthusiasm and genuine energy to dig deeper and fall in love with reality is infectious. You helped me unravel a new truth, which is much kinder than my story.

Kim Carmen Walsh, Meditation and Hypnotherapy, UK

The most I love about Liv is her ability to connect with the suffering of others and her passion and self-giving to relieve that suffering. She was like a huge Sun that enveloped me and lighted me up to connect my self with my own source of light and my heal power to find the truth inside of me. She’s amazing! Thank you Liv Thank you so much for everything.”

Fidencio Lopez Alvarez, Web Developer and Musician, Puerto Rico

After we spoke, for the first time i was able to stop negative thinking and overthinking . I was diagnosed with bpd, anxiety disorder and body dysmorphia and since I was 6, I couldn’t have a single moment of peace which was not drug take induced, so thank you very much! I admire your work!

Elizabeth Palmer, Boulder, CO

Wow, words can’t describe what I’m feeling after our session, I’m so happy I’ve finally decided to work with you! You’ve helped me so much in one hour than my therapist in the whole year 😀 Can’t wait for your retreats, I’d be the first one signing up!

Gabriela, Yoga teacher, Mexico

Olivia was recommended by a friend of mine. Then I watched her no BS meditations and knew that she would be the only person I’d want to do coaching with.

The whole experience was beyond my expectations, Olivia is not like a therapist, she is fun and human and very intuitive, she really takes time to understand you. She helped me to release my anxiety and depression and I know I will never go back to my old ways of thinking, for that I’m forever grateful!

Beth Kubrowicki, Self-employed Mom, CA

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